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Annett Johnson Salon
Upstairs 6 Baker Street W1, Middle Row, Old Town, Stevenage, Hertforshire, SG1 3AL. Telephone 07565 527100


Stevenage salon now open

What we offer

All our weaves are created using the traditional cornrow based technique which allows the hair to grow without damage from adhesives or bonding products. The hair extensions are stitched on with needle and thread. We provide the hair for a complete head of extensions, but clients are welcome to bring their own hair as well.

We use three types of hair:

Using this type of hair is cheaper, but clients should be advised that this hair will shed (moult).
Remi hair is 100% human hair in which all the cuticles are aligned in the same direction, allowing the strands to sit side by side, thus eliminating tangling. Remi hair has a natural lusture as it is sourced from people who have healthy, unprocessed hair. This hair type does not go through a lot of chemical processes, so the hair is stronger. The remi wefts are stitched more tightly than normal machine wefted hair therefore shedding(moulting) is very, very minimal. Though remi hair is slightly more expensive than the normal wefts, the rewards are very noticeable (very minimal shedding and no matting). With good care, remi hair can be re-used. Colours can be custom blended for a more personal finish. Remi hair comes in different grades so do take care if you are purchasing your own remi hair. Cheaper hair is usually of a lower grade and quality.
This type of hair does not shed (moult) and so the hair can be re-used. Even though this type of hair is more expensive initially, the quality and texture is really good and so is great value for money.


Closures help to create a more natural looking finish to a weave. There are a few different types of closures which are made with either a net base or a silk base. Some are made with the parting already within the closure while others have a free style finish which has no parting. This allows the wearer the ability to make a choice as to where she wants to wear the part (side, off centre or middle part).

Closures can also vary in shape and size so can be round, oval, square or rectangular. Whilst some closures are just large enough to have a part with just enough hair on either side of the part to cover the wefts under it, other closures are large enough to allow the wearer the opportunity to change the part anywhere on that closure. This enhances the weave by allowing it to be much more versatile.

Hair Types:

  • Relaxed (yaki) texture
  • SilkyStraight (like European Hair)
  • Deepwave (like a curly perm)
  • Corkscrew Curls (tight curls for a funky look)
  • Body wave, Italian wave and Softwave all give a softer wavey look.
  • Brazillian Wave
  • Spring Curl
  • French Curl (on request)

All the hair we use are 100% human hair.

Lengths & Colours:

We use hair that is from 8" to 30" and comes in all colours and textures.